Enough Lighting Already

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With the recent stage collapses in Ontario, Indiana and Belgium, you really have to wonder when the integrity of these stages is going to be called into question. However, it doesn’t take a structural engineer to figure out that these stages are becoming increasingly top heavy. Outdoor festival stages are now being asked to accommodate an enormous amount of lighting equipment. But before anyone starts pointing their finger at the promoter or festival organizing committee, don’t forget that most headlining acts are demanding certain lighting requirements in their contracts. Read full article…

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New Singles to Canadian Country Radio This Week

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Everyone Watched The Wedding (MAPL) Warner

LEVI HART: Borderline Crazy (MAL) Outback Records

JAKE MATHEWS: Might Take All Night (MAL) OnRamp


Originality Rewarded

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Congratulations to Eric Church who debuted last week as the number one selling album in the U.S. It is the first number one for Church, who has yet to even chart a top five single. But thank goodness his creativity is being rewarded despite country radio’s unwillingness to play anything that doesn’t fit the mould.

I still wish you would stick a steel guitar in there somewhere though EC.

Montana Well Worth a Visit

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It didn’t take long for Randy Montana to win me over with his self-titled debut CD. Produced by Jay Joyce, Montana’s album sounds great and is full of well crafted tunes. His voice has just the right amount of growl that makes hard-drinking songs sound authentic and heartbreak tunes believable. If Bryan Adams was singing country in the early 80’s, I think this is what he’d sound like.

Perhaps flying in under the radar somewhat, in part due to high profile releases from the likes of Trace Adkins, Blake Shelton, Chris Young and Eric Church, Randy Montana’s talent likely won’t be a secret for much longer. Tunes such as 1,000 Faces, Ain’t Much Left of Loving You, Burn These Matches, It’s Gone and Reckless make this album a winner.

New Canadian singles Coming to Radio This Week

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Sleep It Off (MAL)

Open Road Recordings

Other releases to watch for:

TEBEY: All About Us (MAPL) Road Angel

Young Number One

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Congrats to Country Scene fave Chris Young, whose single “Tomorrow” is number one on Billboard’s Country Songs chart this week. This is just the beginning for Young. Expect more big hits from his outstanding CD “Neon”.

New Trace Adkins Album Due Out Tomorrow

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Trace Adkins is set to release his latest studio album entitled “Proud To Be Here” tomorrow (August 2). The album’s lead single currently sits at #12 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles Chart.

Adkins was just putting the finishing touches on this album back in June when his Nashville-area home was destroyed by fire. He’s widely recognized as a real gentleman, so here’s hoping this CD is a hot one (yikes, couldn’t resist).

The gentle giant with the sub-woofer rattling baritone has seen his career land him on primetime television and in major motion pictures. He has sold tens of millions of CDs and has charted over 30 singles.


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