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Posted in Country music industry news on August 1, 2011 by TwangNews

Photo of country artist Jake Owen strumming his acoustic guitarJake Owen’s lates single “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” has been certified gold, having exceeded sales of 500,000. I look forward to hearing the new album set for release on August 3oth.

Just wish Jake would do something about his Web site, which is easily the worst of any major artist out there.

Moore’s “Bait a Hook” Hits U.S. Radio Today

Posted in New country music realeases on August 1, 2011 by TwangNews

“Bait a Hook” is the latest single from Justin Moore’s album “Outlaws Like Me.” Written by Moore, Rhett Akins and Jeremy Stover, it is scheduled to hit U.S. radio today and should be a quick chart climber.

Moore knows his audience and his strengths as an artist, and this song is right in his wheelhouse. See you in the Top Ten Justin.

Initial Thoughts on “Chief”

Posted in Uncategorized on July 29, 2011 by TwangNews

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new Eric Church CD “Chief” for ages. The big day came on Tuesday, and I hit the download button at 6 a.m.

I am a huge EC fan. He can turn a phrase and create a hook with the best of them. I love his vocals, and on his first two albums he managed to walk that fine line between pushing the limits of his music without going too far. Those first two releases are so good, that perhaps I had expectations for this third release that were just unattainable for even Church.

I want to say that I love “Chief.” I have read many glowing reviews, and yet, in the pit of my stomach there lingers that undeniable feeling of disappointment. However, let’s start with what I liked, because I’m a positive kind of guy. Read more…

Country to Rock On Different Night

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CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock will now air August 14 on ABC. The three-hour concert was originally scheduled to air opposite the Teen Choice Awards a week earlier.

Smell Like Swift

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Taylor Swift, in partnership with Elizabeth Arden, is set to launch her own fragrance in October called Wonderstruck.

Swift joins Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as country celebs with their own fragrance.

Young Delivers With “Neon”

Posted in New country music realeases on July 19, 2011 by TwangNews

For those of you out there on the fence about whether to get Chris Young’s latest album “Neon,” just buy it already. This is a great collection of tunes sung by one of today’s best pure country singers. This guy can really sing.

There are a number of possible singles on this one (“Tomorrow” is currently top 20), but worthy of mention are “Lost,” “Neon,” and “Save Water, Drink Beer.” However, the real gem on this CD is definitely “She’s Got This Thing About Her.” If that song doesn’t give you goose bumps, then get your ears checked. It is a guaranteed chart topper.

This album has been worth the wait and definitely worth the price of purchase.

Whatever Happened to Rhett Akins?

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In 1995 Rhett Akins made a huge impact on country radio with the release of his debut album “A Thousand Memories,” which saw the release of hit singles “I Brake for Brunettes,” “She Said Yes,” and one of my favourites “That Ain’t My Truck.”

Akins then released his sophomore CD entitled “Somebody New” in 1996, which spawned his first number one single “Don’t Get Me Started.” That would be the pinnacle of success for Akins as an artist. He went on to release four more albums, each less commercially successful than the previous one, and then quickly faded from the spotlight.

In 2007 Rhett decided to shift his career goals towards writing full time rather than being a recording artist. He teamed up with fellow Georgia natives Ben Hayslip and Dallas Davidson, and the trio of songwriters is now affectionately known as the Peach Pickers.

The Peach Pickers get together in Nashville every Wednesday to write songs, and it is proving to be a successful formula. They have been a force in country music in recent months consistently scoring chart hits with a number of top artists. This past March, BMI honoured the trio by hosting a party to celebrate a successful year that saw four Peach Picker-penned singles reach number one: “Gimmie That Girl” by Joe Nichols, Blake Shelton’s “All About Tonight,” Josh Turner’s “All Over Me,” and “Farmer’s Daughter” by Rodney Atkins. Look for more hits from the trio as they have songs on a number of new or soon to be released albums by artists such as Justin Moore, Craig Morgan, Martina McBride and Chris Young.

So while Akins may not be in the spotlight anymore, he is as dominant a force today in country music as he was back in 1996.


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